Sautech Group Academy is our vision of the world of education and training.

It was born with a specific goal: to innovate the classic learning models, academic and non-academic, with cutting-edge digital applications.

It is the ideal place to broaden one’s views and discover a new concept of teaching.

But not only. The Academy also wants to pass on our experience with passion.

Experience aimed at multiple sectors of reference as Sautech Group is a multi-divisional company.

Digital applications are now a fundamental support for school and academic teaching.

They represent the ideal tools to speed up and facilitate the teaching and learning processes.

Furthermore, they are the right and perfect solution also for distance learning.

The ace in the hole for the world of education, to which we contribute with the development of apps with an emphasis on creativity.

Creativity, involvement, collaboration: the three pillars of our applications for education.
Training to enrich oneself, training to overcome one’s limits, training to achieve ever greater goals.

Training, in any field, is always the element that makes the difference.

It is the base from which to start or the plus to add to broaden the horizons of one’s skills.

Our training courses are a network of diversified experiences and skills, relating to all the different sectors that see us involved.

They represent our clear desire to share what we have learned over years of experience and, why not, also a way to compare and improve.
Learning and training have always been collaborative activities.

Moments of joyful sharing of ideas, thoughts, values ​​and aspirations.

Whether in presence or at a distance, these moments are transformed into real experiences.

The educational experiences we organize are innovative training events with a hybrid nature, in which the integration between online and offline is the master.

Our educational experiences can also be moments of consultancy for the development of a different didactic, representing our idea of ​​learning.
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