Quovadis: the innovative app that guides you indoors

An advanced interactive signaling system for creating space mapping and indicating itineraries in closed environments The beginning A few months ago, we won the negotiated procedure launched by the Trieste

Back to school: the solution is to make distance learning and in front learning coexist

Distance learning? In front learning? Combining both to ensure continuity in learning. The health emergency has made visible some cracks in our society. One above all passes through a fundamental

New pedagogical orientations: we shorten “distances”

New guidlines for the youngest’s distance learning  The school question, so intricate and difficult to resolve, seems to finally see the light. Distance, single desks, strict rules for the management

Virtual tour: leaving while staying at home!

Virtual tours in places of interest: technology at the service of the artistic-cultural panorama The social distancing we are experiencing due the Covid-19 pandemic has imposed strict rules that have

E-commerce for small businesses: different problems… but there is a solution!

The online shopping: small entrepreneurs cross and delight The arrival of Phase 2 made it necessary to relaunch the digital approach for your transactions (see our previous article). The only

From big players to small businesses: proximity e-commerce becomes the protagonist of phase 2

Online shopping has gradually held more and more predominant positions in the markets thanks to the ease of purchase, the ability to view and evaluate products simply from home and