Automation & Robotics division, together with Process Control, represents our core business: with almost twenty years of market presence, it is composed by a professional and expert technicians team.

Over the years, starting from the customer’s needs, we have developed customized solutions for automated production in different industrial sectors, in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to the professionalism and skills that distinguish us we have become partners of the most important national and international names in the sector.

Our know-how is constantly evolving, consolidating and deepening: we are always informed about the latest trends and offer our customers the most advanced software and hardware solutions.

From simple installation to strategic consulting for understanding the process and the strategies to be used in its control: we are present in the universe of industrial automation services at 360°.

The automatic systems we design, build and control are of different kind. In particular, we are active in:

The incessant progress of the e-commerce sector and the continuous growth of air traffic mean that the handling systems for parcel and postal and BHS nowadays have assumed a strategic importance that reflects on everyone’s everyday life.

It is expected, in fact, that by 2025, the market for business automation in the parcel and postal area will reach the value of 4,497.1 million dollars, with an annual growth rate of 6.8%, while the number of passengers traveling by airplane will double by 2035.

Our team of specialized engineers in industrial automation services develops customized SCADA, PLC and HMI application software for the entire handling system in parcel/postal and airport area.

We cooperate with our partners in the production of turnkey systems and products to be integrated into wider solutions in order to optimize all the crucial phases of the process, increasing efficiency and productivity.
The automotive industry is in constant activity and requires extreme flexibility from the manufacturers. The growing global competition that characterizes it requires the development of intelligent and fast production systems, to which extremely efficient logistic processes must be combined.

In this context, industrial automation plays a fundamental role in satisfying the great demand of the product during the current and next period.

Advanced technology, reduced work cycles, reduced energy consumption and standardization at high levels of production performance: automation in the automotive industry is the key factor that assures all that.

During our commitment in automatic automotive production plants we have developed a high competence that allow us to guarantee a personalized, flexible offer that is always aimed at achieving maximum efficiency.
Today's productive and commercial market is a universe in which there is a constant unwritten rule: absolute speed of delivery of goods.

To ensure efficient compliance with this market law is the perfect integration and coordination of robotic structures in an ad-hoc environment. This leads to the concept of “automatic warehouse”.

Handling, picking, loading / unloading of goods: in the automatic warehouse, what constitutes the industrial storage process is effectively automated to speed up operations in an unprecedented way. But the great speed achieved is only one of the elements of success. In addition, there are some pluses including: very low margin of error, minimal damage to the goods, timely monitoring of storage, total use of surfaces and volumes, effective reduction of accidents and, consequently, greater productivity.

The design and execution of automated warehouses has been one of our must-have since the foundation. We develop all software levels which, integrated with excellent mechanics, give life to functional, efficient and customizable automatic storage systems for every design requirement.
During 2018, robot installations in Italy reached a new historical record at 9,237 units, with an increase of 11.5% compared to the previous year.

Thanks above all to the incentives deriving from Industry 4.0, with 190 robots for every 100,000 workers, Italy ranks above the world average of 85 units.

In a robotized island, the programmable robot, coordinated with accessory machines and devices, is the element that automates one or more phases of a product’s production cycle. End-of-line packaging and palletising management is one of these moments.

In collaboration with our partners, among the world’s leading producers of anthropomorphic robots and collaborative robots, we develop automated systems with high processing capacity that speed up the phases of packaging, identification and palletization of goods ready to be shipped.
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