ICT Services division constitutes, together with Automation & Robotics and Process Control, the wonders trio of our corporate offer.

A team of excellent professionals able to provide any kind of IT solutions for the management of complex systems: this is what differentiates us!

From the analysis of the requirements to the deployment, from the design to the development, from the support to the evolutionary maintenance: we take care of managing the entire life cycle of the software.

The skills achieved never satisfy Us. We are constantly listening to the market to keep up to date with new technologies and tools that can make us able to produce increasingly efficient software solutions. Research and innovation are the essential ingredients for a good quality of ICT services.

The fields in which we operate are many: from remote control to automated industrial production, from integrated web applications with the most efficient databases to high productivity e-commerce solution.

In particular, we create with passion:

The management software supports the company’s activities in a decisive way: they offer a clear and immediate management of a high number of data that allows to minimize the time dedicated to the working progress daily control.

ICT team provides ad-hoc management software solutions that increase the performance of corporate document flows.

From logistics to remote control, from real estate to industrial accounting: we digitize activities belonging to totally different sectors.

We develop customized management programs, custom-made in order to satisfy customers real needs. Our software developers know how important it is to side with customer to really understand what he wants. Only in this way it is possible to create unique management software able to perfectly satisfy specific needs of those customers who rely on our abilities.

There are no limits: our applications can be used, according to necessities, both as installable desktop programs and as web applications.
Mobile first: the digital world and computer programming lives and thrives with this fundamental approach as a point of reference.

The mobile is the main channel of use in personal and working life. In this context, mobile apps assume an absolute importance.

The mobile app market is constantly growing. Suffice it to say that in 2018, according to “The State of Mobile 2019” data, the total downloads in the Android and Apple iOS stores amounted to around 194 billion, with an average use of applications of about three hours a day.

We create iOS and Android native mobile apps, customized in design and functionality.

Totally user-friendly, our applications can be managed in complete autonomy through a simple and intuitive interface.

We do not stop at development: after the release of the app, we usually offer an important service to improve the visibility of the application on the web and a constant maintenance and functional assistance activity. We never quit our apps!
Industrial automation systems must have two characteristics above all: efficiency and safety.

To guarantee these aspects, versatile and extremely functional software solutions are required, capable of interconnecting the various information levels between the operational-management side and the automatic one. Only constant communication between the parties can guarantee high performance standards.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of automation, we know how to develop application software for interfacing with PLCs from various manufacturers, printers and other industrial devices. We create applications able to command and control production lines, plant machinery and individual parts of them.

Our management software for industrial automation have a modular structure: they can always be integrated with numerous additional functions.

Hence a strong possibility of customization, with applications that are truly able to meet the specific needs of each company. Annual updates add to the versatility a quality standard always in line with the market.
Industry 4.0 is a paradigm strictly connected to industrial automation. It indicates the development of the intelligent manufacturing factory, where each element of the plant is connected to the others.

It is the process of progressive digitalization of the production and management cycles of the company, dictated by a technological innovation of the devices used which is always in progress.

We move within the concept of Industry 4.0 by proposing and developing central software solutions for the interconnection of machines and for dialogue on the machine. From a single hub to different types of production devices: we create flexible connections, capable of responding to every need.

The goal is to create optimized industrial operating flows that improve work performance, the quality of life of the worker and increase productivity.

Our applications can be inserted in full autonomy in systems that want to face the interconnection path. Furthermore, they integrate perfectly with any management and operational software already installed.
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