Marketing & Communication division is specialized in conception, implementation and analysis of corporate and institutional communication campaigns.

We manage the public image of any type of brand through marketing strategies with attention to every detail, from the analysis of the target and the reference market to the monitoring process.

Each communication project is totally personalized: satisfiyng customers’ needs is always our priority!

We strongly focus on the content creation. We believe that in order to effectively convey the identity of a company and an institution, it is necessary to make constant use of quality content that can attract and entertain consumers.

Our communication campaigns use above all digital communication channels. In particular, we are specialized in:

Every digital communication strategy has its foundations on the website. The site is the most important business card of a brand. It is the virtual space where a company tells itself at 360-degrees, obtaining visibility and conversions in exchange.

The first step in realizing a successful digital strategy is to create an efficacious website. A site is such when: it is a portal that offers an excellent user experience, with a layout that makes navigation quick and easy; it is a responsive site, fully optimized for navigation from any type of device; it is a website with a coherent and captivating graphic interface, capable of involving the user from the first click.

Our team of expert web designers is able to create online sites with high quality standards in each of these aspects. Agile, intuitive, accessible, functional and always mobile responsive, our websites well describe the specific activity of each company and/or institution, conveing their values ​​at all times.

Our web design services also include restyling. E-commerce platforms and showcase sites will be analyzed and improved in graphics, performance and usability.
SEO optimization is the set of techniques that can be used to reach the top free positions on a search engine in response to certain keywords. This activity guarantees maximum visibility to a business.

Creating the website is not enough. It is also necessary that it is easily accessible by the target audience.

In order to achieve excellent positioning on Google’s SERP, the most used search engine in the world, a website must be taken care of in several aspects, that fall within the category of SEO services. The interventions to be carried out are based on Google’s positioning factors, which concern elements internal to a web portal such as content and external elements such as backlinks.

Our team of SEO specialists has high skills in drafting texts that respect the rules of SEO copywriting; in searching for the best keywords; in SEO planning and revisioning of the website structure, including HTML tag optimization and code correction activities; in the realization of link earning strategies able to guarantee high traffic volumes.
Reaching the top positions of the SERP is not an immediate process, but an activity with visible effects only in the medium / long term. To have a wide exposure right away, we are met by SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

SEM is the paid advertising promotion activity on search engines through the purchase of keywords. The payment method on which this technology is based is that of PPC (Pay-Per-Click): the advertiser who publishes an ad is charged a cost for each click by the user.

There are many search engines for creating PPC advertising. However, the platform par excellence where to do SEM is Google Ads, an online advertising system that allows individuals and companies to publish ads on the Google SERP.

Our SEM specialists are able to design and manage highly performing online advertising campaigns at very competitive costs. To do this, they use an approach that takes into consideration above all sectoral keywords that satisfy two specific aspects: high search volume and low competition.
A good online communication campaign also includes an effective Social Media Marketing strategy.

The activities that are part of Social Media Management are a very useful tool for ensuring visibility to an activity. Social channels are characterized by a massive user base; giving up them would mean not being exposed to a truly relevant audience.

Social networks segment the large amount of users that make them up and allow companies to intercept the ideal socio-demographic target and to develop targeted communications based on users interests. The “social” nature of these tools also supports the construction of a direct relationship with current and potential customers, with benefits in terms of customer engagement.

Our Social Media Managers take care of every aspect of the Social Media Strategy: from the identification of the most congenial social networks to the creation of an editorial plan with engaging content, from the realization of sponsored advertising campaigns to Community Management activities.
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