Bagexpress is an e-commerce platform that offers a luggage pickup and delivery service at home all over Europe.


Bag Express s.r.l.




E-commerce development, Management system, System engineering activites, SEO optimization, SEM campaign, E-mail marketing, Social Media Strategy, Web Analytics

Bagexpress starts from an entrepreneurial idea of Sautech Group e Raffaele Inizio Autotrasporti S.r.l. Together they have combined and integrated, respectively, the engineering and IT skills of the one, the operational and control skills in the logistics processes of the other. 

Bagexpress  is a shipping / courier company with a very specific mission: offering its customers a pickup and delivery service for luggage and technical or sports equipment at home in Italy and Europe, in collaboration with the main tour operators and operators of Costa Cruises and MSC.

For bagexpress we manage the entire e-commerce system: we have conceived and designed the structure and we take care of its main contents everyday. 

A 360 ° work that covers all the service offered in order to provide an efficient and easy to use platform and to guarantee the customer safety, traceability and maximum seriousness in the management of their personal effects.  

Bagexpress is the result of the intense collaboration of our ICT e Marketing & Communication divisions. Continuous cooperation, described by the following activities, each propaedeutic to the other one:

 System engineering activities

Starting from the roots of the Bagexpress project, we deal with the management and maintenance of the entire IT infrastructure, the backbone of the company’s service. 

From the configuration of Linux and Windows virtual servers, to hardware upgrades, to the correct functioning of network and digital security devices: everything is under our supervision and control, so as to always ensure high performance and high data security.

E-commerce site

Bagexpress e-commerce platform consists of two different but totally connected technologies, capable of establishing a constant and detailed dialogue. Specifically, we talk about:

Showcase site

Bagexpress e-commerce

The showcase website is the first vehicle for users’ approach to the online purchase service. Made thinking of a clear, clean design and predisposed for easy and intuitive navigation, it is the lead actor of communication activities. 

We deal with its management in full: updating the contents in relation to the new promotions to offer (also through, for example, the insertion of new pop ups), optimization in a responsive key, implementation of new content and structural changes.

Booking system

Booking bagexpress

The showcase website acts as a forerunner to the beating heart of the e-commerce site: the booking system. 

For Bagexpress we have developed a complex web system for booking and purchasing online the shipping service based on .NET 4.0 technology, accessible to users through the appropriate web pages.

Thanks to the integration with the web services of the providers, all the information entered by the user are automatically transformed into pickup / shipping orders for the courier. In this way, the request for pickup / delivery takes place entirely through the Bagexpress portal, where the user can also easily track his luggage. 

Thanks to virtual banking and Paypal services, we guarantee maximum security of transitions.

In addition, over time, the system has been enriched by the possibility of booking the door-to-cabin service designed specifically for cruises. Data exchange services implemented in collaboration with the IT infrastructures of our major partners, Costa Crociere and MSC Crociere, play a fundamental role in this area.

 Management system

The front-end system is linked to an articulated back-end, prepared for various functions, including management and monitoring of the progress of user shipments, which allows the call center and administration to intervene to check and resolve any exception (such as reports of delay or failure to collect).

A section of the back-end also allows to perform the analysis of sales data, divided by type and nature, in order to create detailed reports, useful for evaluating the progress of sales and directing future business strategies.

SEO optimization

All contents are written and optimized in SEO key: textual and structural changes of the showcase website organization with a view to a slavish observation of compliance with Google’s “on page” and “off page” factors.

A fundamental component of the construction of Bagexpress’ positioning and online authority is Trustpilot, a system that ensures the veracity of reviews and prevents the publication of untruthful or discrediting comments, without any foundation. Through this tool, all feedback is always verified: we send invitation emails to review two weeks after the purchase of a Bagexpress service, in order to obtain secure and proven feedback.

In addition, through dynamic widgets, the home page is automatically updated upon the arrival of a new review thus giving vitality and freshness to the Bagexpress brand reputation. The constantly updated content of reviews guarantees a plus for positioning in search engines.

bagexpress Trustpilot

SEM campaigns

We create and manage the SEM campaigns of Bagexpress through paid advertising tools such as Google Ads, which allows a high positioning within the search engines: through the appearance of sponsored ads in the first SERP results in response to user queries , the latter can easily approach the Bagexpress service, with a consequent increase in sales and brand awareness of the platform.

Email Marketing

We manage the drafting and sending of the newsletter and DEM for service communications or to disclose new promotions to loyal customers. Correlatedly, we monitor its progress by analyzing data such as the open rate, clicks made and the entire path of traffic on the website starting from the emails sent.

E-mail marketing bagexpress

Web analytics

We constantly monitor website traffic by focusing on the analysis of user behavior, on the volume generated and on the geographical, demographic, temporal and technical origin of the same through tools such as Google Analytics.

In addition, we also analyze the trend of sales through add-lines and back-ends, ad-hoc tools created by the ICT Services division. Traffic and sales data are crossed to obtain evidence that can determine future steps to be implemented to improve online marketing strategies.

Social media strategy

We deal with social management in collaboration with our partner ADVcity Advertising and Communication. We coordinate the management of the business manager and the analysis of the Facebook Pixel to check the progress of certain events of interest on the website.


From 2013 to today, Bagexpress has seen an exponential growth, both in terms of annual user traffic volume on the e-commerce site and the total amount of packages shipped per year.

Specifically, the volume of traffic on the e-commerce site has tripled, reaching a percentage increase of 170.9% in a few years.

Correlatedly, the total number of bags shipped has doubled: the percentage increase is 110.1%.