Barca Vela Charter

Sailboat rental service with professional skipper


Barca Vela Charter


2019 - in corso


Website creation

Barca Vela Charter was born from an intense passion for sailing, the sea and the adventurous life with the taste of salt.

Arms and heart behind the project are those of Raoul Franco, a skipper with thirty years of experience. The main waters where this drive to life on a boat is expressed are those of the Amalfi Coast.

With the desire to convey this immense passion for sailing, we have created the website for Barca Vela Charter.

The website is the main vehicle through which the brand presents itself to the public and collects customer bookings for future planned trips, or for other existing services.

Each service page is accompanied by a personalized contact form, relating to its content. This in such a way as to immediately segment user requests. With this organization, in fact, users will send detailed emails, relating specifically to the desired service, without needing to provide any further explanation on their requests.

Created using the WordPress CMS as the main support technology, the site is continuously updated and modernized.