Barca Vela Charter

Barca Vela Charter is a sailing boat rental service with professional skipper for trips and holidays in the wonderful blue Mediterranean of southern Italy.


Barca Vela Charter


2019 - in corso


Realizzazione sito web, Ottimizzazione SEO, Campagne SEM, Social Media Strategy e Web Analytics

Barca Vela Charter was born from an intense passion for sailing, the sea and adventurous life with the flavor of salt.

Arms and heart behind the project are those of Raoul Franco, a skipper with thirty years of experience who has made life on a sailing boat the spearhead of his existence.

The place and the main waters where this thrust to adventurous life at sea is expressed are those of the Amalfi Coast, a benevolent mother who welcomes in her wonders all colors that know how to appreciate them.

With the desire to convey this immense passion for sailing and make the Amalfi Coast and other wonderful places of the South of Italy live fully to dreamy tourists, we have created for Barca Vela Charter the presentation website and a related Digital Marketing Strategy, layered on multiple communication channels integrated with each other.


Barcavelacharter showcase site

The website is the main vehicle through which the brand presents itself to the public and collects customers’ reservations for future scheduled trips, or for other existing services, such as: diving, sailing for under 18 and sailing courses.

Designed from a one-page site perspective, the portal is now a hybrid. The entire structure is based on a comprehensive homepage, rich in content, able to immediately provide a complete overview of the company.

With the aim of further detailing the services offered and the related “use” information, we have structured the website so that it also follows the shape of a multi-page and multi-level tree with various in-depth landing pages.

Each service page is accompanied by a personalized contact form, relating in all respects to the content of the same. This in such a way as to immediately segment users’ requests. With this organization, in fact, users will send detailed emails, specifically related to the desired service, without needing to provide any further explanation on their requests.

Created using the WordPress CMS as the main support technology, the site is continuously updated and modernized, in order to achieve higher performance and adapt to changes in the reference sector market. 

SEO optimization

The SEO optimization activity has permeated the drafting of every minimal textual content of the website, including title tags, meta tag description and url of the different pages.

Preliminary and integrated to it a detailed keyword research activity which, through an in-depth study of the terms of the sector that respected the three essential requirements of medium / high research volume, medium / low level of difficulty and high score of opportunities, allowed to derive the most suitable keywords for the organic positioning of the website.

SEM campaigns

The main focus of the digital promotion strategy of the Barca Vela Charter sailboat rental service is represented by the simultaneous use of national and geo-localized  SEM campaigns at provincial and regional level.

The SEM campaigns of Barca Vela Charter are made up of search announcements which, with the aim of intercepting and converting quality traffic with an interest very close to the service offered by the company, promote the three different “holiday” formulas proposals.

Day trips, itinerant weekends and sailing week: each group of ads is specifically aimed at a target that, through ad-hoc keywords, searches for these types of solutions for their holiday.

Day trips
itinerant weekends
Sailing week

Web analytics

We carefully and constantly monitor the Barca Vela Charter website to understand the origin, nature and behavior of the aspiring sailing tourist.

Google Analytics is the main mean by which we obtain data and trends that allow us to make “forecasts” on the future holiday wishes of potential tourists.

Favorite destinations, type of favorite offer, most requested information to reach a quick booking: these are the evidences that interest the daily user traffic analysis activity.

Social media strategy

The Social Media Marketing strategy of Barca Vela Charter is born, grows and consolidates with a main idea in mind and heart: to make the consumer perceive the difference between sailing and boating.

The difference between these two terms, so subtle but also so great, is essential to define and make understand the true nature of the Barca Vela Charter business.

The target audience to which the service wants to refer is in fact a niche audience, an audience that knows or wants to know the secrets of sailing and who considers the sailing boat more than anything else the true queen of the waters.

Given this, the posts of Barca Vela Charter that want to communicate what sailing means are all a sea of ​​notions, tips and stories of sailing experiences of veteran skippers. These are mainly blog articles on the website: a real source of advice, updates and sector interviews that are now a point of reference for all sailing lovers.

The 5 advantages to go out on a sailing boat in winter

But not only. The social strategy of Barca Vela Charter consists of several pieces, each essential to communicate the uniqueness of sailing. Among these, also the communication of the “beautiful”.

“Beautiful” represented by the divine Amalfi Coast. Barca Vela Charter, in fact, operates mainly along this wonderful piece of land and sea surrounded by myth and an unparalleled atmosphere.

The result is, therefore, a whole series of communications that enhance this magnificence, always and in any case relating it to the pleasure of enjoying it while sailing on a sailing boat.

The result is, therefore, a whole series of communications that enhance this magnificence, always and in any case relating it to the pleasure of enjoying it while sailing on a sailing boat.

Finally, the last piece of the social communication of Barca Vela Charter concerns the publicity of the commercial offer relating to the various services promoted by the company, with related preparatory information for their correct performance.

Each service is explored not only in the fruition guidelines and related prices, but also in the related universe that contains it. Therefore, green light to posts on the exploration of the Mediterranean seabed, on the importance of the discipline of sailing for the little ones and on the great social factor that a trip on a sailing boat entails.