Birra Forst

Birra Forst is an all-Italian brand founded in Trentino Alto Adige in 1957. It produces 700,000 hl of beer annually, operating mainly in the national market. 


Termotecnica Industriale / Birra Forst


2016 - 2020


Implementazione cicli di controllo del bruciatore della caldaia, Realizzazione dei pannelli operatore di tipo distribuito, Realizzazione di software di sicurezza SIL3

Termotecnica Industriale  is a company specialized in the development of custom solutions to meet specific business needs in the industrial plant engineering sector.

From the feasibility study to the certification and testing practices, the company stands out today for its ability to create, with a turnkey formula, all types of thermo-technical systems equipped with advanced control systems for the complete automation of plant management.

Birra Forst is an all-Italian brand. Founded in 1857, it has been located in Venosta valley, just outside Merano in Trentino Alto Adige. The first brewery establishment is still there, in one of the most suggestive places in the Dolomites.

Two fundamental principles have always been at the basis of the company’s mission: quality and food safety. The main objective of the company is to always offer products of the highest quality level, obtained by following a production process that gives top priority to the safety of the processing stages.

Carried out activities

In collaboration with Termotecnica Industriale, which dealt with the construction of the plant and mechanical parts, we have carried out the following activities for the boilers of the brewery plant:

  • MANAGEMENT OF THE STEAM GENERATION PROCESS by controlling the burner and heating the water in the boiler, in order to ensure that the systems, included within the beer production cycle, are provided by the calories included upon reaching the temperature set points from their processes. The temperature set in the boiler is such as to guarantee a stable balance between the gas consumption and the production of steam, considering that the load variations of the process request, the services from the thermal power station, regulate the disturbance of the aforementioned balance; so as to ensure that the calories necessary to reach the temperature set point are supplied to the boiler. This threshold indicates the optimal level of temperature, able to guarantee a stable balance between gas consumption and steam production;
  • USE OF REGULATION LOOPS IMPLEMENTED ON PLC, to achieve stable control of the steam generation process;
  • CONTROL OF ALL THE PLANTS THAT SERVE THE BOILER for the chemical-physical treatment of the water (natural, deionized, superheated) used for the steam generation process. These plants are responsible for taking the water (whether it comes from the sources or resulting from the recycling processes), conveying it to the treatment areas and bringing it to the boiler for use;
  • CONSTRUCTION OF DISTRIBUTED TYPE OPERATOR PANELS  that allows operators to control the entire system, regardless of the area in which the panel is located. Furthermore, the operator panels can also be used for analyzing and creating data trends, which can then be historicized on a USB flash drive. 


The system implemented guarantees SIL3 boiler safety, in strict compliance with the IEC EN 62061 standard.

The process control put in place combines the perpetration of total plant safety with superior efficiency and performance.