DHL Hub, East Midlands Airport

DHL Hub East Midlands Airport is the United Kingdom’s major material handling plant for the Parcel & Postal, and one of the largest in Europe. 


Leonardo Company - DHL


2016 - 2019


Commissioning of the lines, PLC development, Big Data Analysis and Performance Monitoring

East Midlands airport is a hub of fundamental importance in the field of Parcel & Postal for the entire United Kingdom. 

Mainly two reasons for this: excellent positioning and logistical efficiency. 

East Midlands Airport is located in a central position of Great Britain, adjacent to the highway network.  89% of English and Welsh territory can be reached in a driving time of about 4 hours, or even less.

About the logistic scale, the English airport provides frequent liner services for airliner transport for all the main airports in United Kingdom. In addition, it has a truly remarkable on-site load capacity. Five flight-side cargo terminals that make over 650.000 square feet of undercover cargo treatment area available. 

There is no lack of constant and continuous inter-line connections of goods with the main cities in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Carried out activities

In collaboration with Leonardo company, we have carried out the following activities for the commissioning of the new postal/airport handling system at DHL in the East Midlands Airport: 

  • System commissioning;
  • PLC software development and realization;
  • Performance analysis through the creation of an automation software capable of acquiring data in the field in real time and processing subsequent reports
  • Test and check of plant functioning at the customer’s presence; 


The activities implemented have produces a new material handling system with high efficiency and productivity. These are some of the main numbers of the innovative hub:

  • 400.000 m² of warehouse area;
  • 360 flights per week;
  • 17 intercontinental routes;
  • 64.800 packages per hour;
  • Transit time: < 5 minuti;
  • Total lenght of tapes: 10 Km;
  • 6 sorters (automatic parcel sorting systems);
  • 2200 engines;
  • Attivation arc: 24 hours a day.