Production monitoring, management and analysis software


Di Mauro Officine Grafiche S.p.A.


2022 - In progress


Software development

For Di Mauro Officine Grafiche S.p.A. we customized our SeePro software for production monitoring, management and analysis.

The software is capable of:

  • communicate with the management of the site from which it takes all the data relating to the production of the various orders in place
  • return the data of the productions processed at the end of the work shifts in order to automatically generate the processing documents (or, in jargon, production tickets)
  • communicate with the various machines by transmitting the configuration data necessary for the types of production.

The system monitors the production of the entire plant. In fact, it manages to automatically manage the various stages of a production by recognizing the activity (by activity we mean whether the machine is running or has stopped due to a problem) of the machine and signaling it to the operator via the dedicated interface.

It is possible to monitor the production status of all the machines via:

  • a dashboard that shows a general synoptic of the entire system;
  • interfaces present on the machine of each single station where every second of production is kept track.

The system also offers a tool to be able to analyze the data collected by the various machines in certain productions or in certain periods of time.

Among the advantages of implementing a similar software we find, first of all, the digitization and automation of the production tickets as well as the entire system on board the machine. This is accompanied by the possibility of reducing start-up times (or even defined tooling), thanks to the transmission of machine configuration data, leaving the operator only the task of modifying some parameters depending on external factors.

Finally, the system offers a powerful tool that allows continuous analysis of production data.