Co-financed project by European Union for the creation of an innovative model of Integrated Logistics. 


Regione Campania


2011 - 2013


Pick to Light panel construction

The LeanLog project is created to guarantee an effective planning, implementation and control of the logistics flow of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products and related information from the origin point to the consumption point in Campania region.  The ultimate goal is to satisfy customers needs.

The achievement of the aim has led to the creation of the “Pick to Light” panel which is a solution based on the principles of Lean Production that integrates some typical technologies of industrial automation

The analysis of the Campania logistics process focused on the production stocks management activity in the warehouse. In the warehouse, the picking takes up most of the stationing time of resources. 

Picking is of fundamental importance in the storage process. However it presents lots of critical points derving, for example, from picker errors. In order to speed up and make his work more effective, we have designed the Pick To Light panel. 

The “Pick to Light” is a manual picking system in which each location is equipped with an electronic device consisting of at least one button, a high lumiscence LED and a display that light up to indicate to the operator “from where”, “what” and “how much” to withdraw and/or to deposit. 

The peculiarity of this solution consists in the fact that the operatore is guided by a system of warning lights that lights up in the correct sequence corresponding to the locations containing the material to be managed. 

The management of multiple operators in the same location is carried out by combining each of them with a color: each color is identified by the panels thanks to a RfiD reader under the confirmation button that reads the content of RFiD tag carried on the operator’s finger tip. 

The panel we have created consists of two displays: the first is used to view the item code placed in the related location, while the second is used to indicate the number of items to be picked up

There are two types of button on panels: one for the management of multiple operators who must withdraw from the same position and the other for the confirmation of the piece’s picking. 

The Pick to Light panel brings numerous advantages to the picking procedure. It allows operators to free themselves from paper documents and electronic handhelds and makes the withdrawal process more streamlined and fast.  

Futhermore, the logic of the “traffic light” that the operators must follow to pick up the packages and compose the order makes their work simpler and more standardized, with a consequent decrease in the margin of error. 

Finally, the Pick to Light panels, enabling to capture via software the events generated by them, allow to obtain important KPIs on the actual perfomance of the picking process. The result is a continuous monitoring activity.