Massimiliano Della Mura – Tailoring

Massimiliano Della Mura – Tailoring is a luxury men’s clothing boutique, located in the main street of Cava de ‘Tirreni: the beating heart of the Metellian city.


Massimiliano Della Mura - Sartoria


2019 - in corso


Realizzazione sito e-commerce, Ottimizzazione SEO, Campagne SEM, Social Media Strategy e Web Analytics

Massimiliano Della Mura – Tailoring is an idea of ​​style for men that takes shape around the 90s.

Cava de ‘Tirreni is the place where what was initially just an idea and then a real point of reference for elegant and refined clothing, begins, grows and consolidates. Precisely Corso Umberto I, from the oldest times the hub of high quality shopping.

The minds and hearts behind the tailoring are those of the Della Mura brothers, already when they were kids they were eager to create in their city a new landing point for the Metellian and Campania elite shopping.

With the aim of expanding the regional borders of tailoring and bringing them to a national and international dimension, we have created for Massimiliano Della Mura – Sartoria the e-commerce site and a related Digital Marketing Strategy, layered on several cohesive communication channels.

Photo shoot

Photo shoot

Preparatory for the creation of an e-commerce site is the photo shooting activity of the products in the online catalog. It is the basis of the entire project: the starting and finishing point around which the whole business revolves.

Starting from the ideation of a very precise concept, ideally structured with the customer, and from a related preparatory set including types of shots, lights and styling of the products, we proceeded to create the images of the entire price list that would later have digital life.

The production phase of the photos was followed by an intense post-production work aimed at optimizing the images and making them ready to be published online. The photos have been carefully worked, so as to obtain a professional and high quality result.

E-commerce site

E-commerce Della Mura - Tailoring

The e-commerce site is the fulcrum of the nationalization and internalization of Massimiliano Della Mura – Tailoring.

Its development process began with the creation of an intuitive navigation tree, which took into account the need to always place the online shop at the center. The products are the real protagonists, and every action that can be carried out on the site has the aim of highlighting them and allowing the user to be able to easily “switch” from one to the other.

E-commerce therefore consists of a simple, extremely clean and easily navigable structure, where all items are connected to each other. The user experience is put first.

Furthermore, great importance is given to the graphic component, totally in line with the style and colors of the brand. A mix of white, blue and gold that alternate with geometric and border shapes that in every moment recall the appearance of the logo and the idea of ​​”tailoring”.

This idea of ​​”tailoring” which merges totally with that of elegance, and which also flows simply on a call to action or on the user check-out page: every single detail of the website is placed to communicate this way to understand life, just by Massimiliano Della Mura – Tailoring.

Created using the CMS WordPress + the Woocommerce plugin for the e-commerce section as the main technology, the site is continuously updated in order to achieve higher performance and / or adapt to changes in the reference sector market.

SEO optimization

The SEO optimization activity mainly concerned the product sheets. The latter have been outlined from the first moment keeping in mind the respect of Google’s “on page” factors.

Starting with the keyword research activity, which in a product sheet turns into a search for longer and specific keywords (long tail), which exactly define the content of the page.

Title tags, meta tags description and url of the form follow, made to be clear and concise, always in line with the chosen keywords and able to add real added value to the user who comes to interface with them. The secret is to reveal from these elements the specific peculiarities of the object for sale, its intrinsic characteristics.

Last but not least, the content of the product sheet. The content is the shop assistant who explains the merits of the product being observed in the shop, who describes it by dressing it to fit the customer’s needs and who finally convinces him of the quality of an immediate purchase. For this reason, texts have been conceived and created that immediately revealed the distinctive and exclusive elements of the tailored garments made in Massimiliano Della Mura – Tailoring.

The images, both of the products and the brands related to them, help to persuade with the text, and they are able to mark the real differential element for the user’s purchase decision.

Product sheet - Della Mura Sartoria

SEM campaigns

The SEM campaigns of Massimiliano Della Mura – Tailoring have a single common denominator: Google Shopping.

Given the nature of the customer’s products, it becomes essential to give exclusive visibility to their photographic and descriptive representation, also on the SERP.

We speak of “multimedia” ads that appear in the first results of the search engine in response to certain queries entered by users; queries that are in line with the type of sponsored product. Immediately leaping to the eye, these ads direct the attention of the user from the very first moment.

In addition, they greatly facilitate the purchasing process. No more numerous and articulated steps before arriving at a product sheet, but a simple instant click that in a leap takes the user to the product and to the possibility of purchasing it.

Web analytics

Tracking a website is crucial, and even more so in an e-commerce. User traffic must be constantly analyzed to check its progress, origin and nature, as well as to obtain structural evidence that makes it possible to foresee future trends.

Through Google Analytics, we proceed to analyze every detail of user behavior on the e-commerce site, in order to understand where to intervene to improve the purchase flow. In this regard, great importance is given to the famous event “abandoned cart“, symptom of any discrepancies in the final purchase phase of the user, the decisive one.

Furthermore, the traffic analysis allows us to understand where the public of Massimiliano Della Mura – Tailoring comes from, who he is, what attracts his attention and how to direct it in such a way as to make e-commerce reach its final goal: selling.

Social media strategy

The social communication of Massimiliano Della Mura – Tailoring represents the real differential element to make the user perceive the uniqueness and exclusivity of the “made by” Della Mura tailored garments, as well as a very large showcase capable of increasing to excess the visibility of the brand

The focal point of Massimiliano Della Mura’s social presence – Tailoring is the integration with the catalog of the e-commerce site, from which the shopping windows on Facebook and Instagram channels follow.

Shopping windows are a precious resource. They constitute a direct access channel to e-commerce products, and make the catalog immediately visible to anyone who lands on social profiles. In a sense, they bypass the user’s browsing process on the e-commerce site to reach the product. The garment is there, complete with images, price and description: the user just has to click and then go to buy it on the website.

Finally, great importance is given to the advertising power of Facebook Ads. For Massimiliano Della Mura – Sartoria, we have several targeted sponsored ads in place, aimed at a specific target created ad-hoc through the segmentation possibilities given by the social network.

On the other hand, this is precisely the strength of this tool: the ability to reach potentially and really interested users with almost surgical precision.

Sponsored social ads have different purposes, since they are aimed at users at different times of their purchase process: a user who has abandoned the shopping cart will inevitably receive a different communication from another who is instead at the first approach. However, the announcements all have one thing in common: product spectacularization!

Facebook Ads - Della Mura Tailoring