Trace To Andon

Material flow management system developed for Magneti Marelli Suspension System in Melfi (PZ).


Magneti Marelli Suspension Systems di Melfi (PZ)


2017 - 2018


Realizzazione piattaforma web, applicativo engine e app android

TRACE TO ANDON is the system developed by Sautech Group as a response to the need of Magneti Marelli Suspension System in Melfi (PZ) to improve communication and material flows.

It consists of:

  • an always active application that allows you to check the stock of the assembly islands
  • a web app that makes the Inventory Management page available to users: the operator in charge of warehouse picking is informed of the number of pieces available to each assembly island, also keeping track of the minimum inventory reached which requires replenishment. In addition, the web application manages the User Registry, allowing the identification of users and the differentiation of their privileges.

The operator is, therefore, constantly informed, in real time, on the progress of production and on the sequentiality of supply of the assembly islands.

The system, therefore, speeds up and makes the information sending process more secure, allowing to anticipate requests for materials coming from the lines and to improve production planning based on warehouse stocks.

The results achieved are the reduction of inefficiencies such as lack of material, overstock or delivery of incorrect materials and a drastic reduction in downtime with a consequent reduction in the costs associated with them. All this supported by an increase in the productivity of the Plant.

The results obtained also allowed the project to be among the candidates of the AI ​​Award 2017.