Policy for quality, health and safety in the workplace. 

Sautech s.r.l., within the framework of its consolidated traditions of correct and responsible business conduct, undertakes to pursue customer satisfaction and the best possible conditions of Safety and Health at Work (OH&S) respecting the environmental protection and safety requirements of workers who make up such an important part of our civil life; with reference to the principles of prevention and continuous improvement.

For this purpose, Sautech s.r.l. intends to:

• orient the entire organization towards the customer who must be satisfied and therefore loyal;
• observe the mandatory laws and regulations and the rules that the Organization has set itself;
• plan and to encourage the professional growth of human resources as a corporate asset;
• improve tools and measurement methods for continuous improvement;
• periodically review, at least once a year, the system established to evaluate its effectiveness.
• scrupulously comply, in substance and in principles, with all applicable environmental and OH&S laws and regulations, as well as the commitments freely undertaken within the business associations to which it adheres or will adhere in the future;
• evaluate in advance the new processes, technologies, activities and services in order to correctly identify the aspects and effects of OH&S and quality and ensure their control;
• pay constant attention to all environmental aspects, to the social context of the territory in which the company is located, to waste management and to the reduction of resources used in the exercise of the activity itself;
• ensure the involvement of management in the Company’s quality and OH&S policy and objectives;
• meet the requirements of the Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System by analyzing the processes and related parameters associated with them according to a logic of continuous improvement;
• adopt a process approach that stimulates result orientation and achieves effectiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in maintaining and improving product standards;
• ensure that personnel are made aware of environmental and OH&S commitments, are involved in pursuing them, are instructed and trained to adopt behaviors consistent with these commitments;
• adopt the best techniques and procedures for the prevention and control of emergencies;
• periodically review the policy and application of the Quality and OH&S system to assess its correctness and effectiveness, with a view to continuous improvement;
• pursue an open and constructive attitude towards the public, users, Public Authorities and other interested parties.

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