Process Control division, together with Automation & Robotics, represents the beating heart of our corporate identity.

Automation and process control are both fundamental elements for the safe, efficient and profitable operation of the plants, especially those of a petrochemical nature.

In today’s automated industry, all production process phases are controlled by a control system capable of ensuring reliability, maximizing productivity, minimizing waste and processing by-products, excellent quality of the work and rationalization of energy consumption.

The years of experience accumulated in industrial control systems have led Us to be a market player of recognized competence, able to operate in any sector. However, we have a spearhead: the remote control of aqueducts.

Our telecontrol specialists are constantly engaged in:

SCADA systems are software designed to control the entire production process even from a distance.

We are talking about a distributed computer system that deals with the supervision, data collection and control of an industrial production plant. Its use facilitates decision-making processes within the company, while ensuring a significant development of the entire industrial automation system.

Today, the design of modern SCADA systems faces a challenge above all else: the amount of data to be managed is expanding at an impressive rate.

But challenges are made to be overcome: we are able to respond to the needs of our customers by developing scalable SCADA application software for automation. By using technologies such as Simatic WinCC and WinCC OA from Siemens, our SCADAs are fully capable of handling the huge amount of data in today’s systems.

Our work does not end with commissioning: continuous maintenance and assistance have always distinguished our offer!
Tools with which operators and line supervisors coordinate and control industrial processes, HMI (Human Machine Interface) are of fundamental importance for plant maintenance.

HMIs are essential because they provide operators immediately usable informations on the status of the process. These informations allow an always updated overview of the functioning of the system elements. Intervening on the progress of the processes is faster and safer in this way.

Immediacy, usability and strong interconnection with people, applications and machines: essentially these are the characteristics that describe a perfect HMI and that make it a resource of absolute necessity for always efficient systems.

Intuitive human-machine interfaces is what we offer to the market around Us.

But we don’t stop here. Innovative solutions that make use of devices integrated with augmented reality such as smart glasses and the smartphones/tablets to create portable user interfaces are our next step towards creating a more immediate and continuous dialogue with the control system.
The aqueducts offer a service of primary importance to citizens. Their correct functioning is an obligation to which it is necessary to respond with a performing monitoring action, relentless and attentive to every detail.

Hence the absolute need for an efficient and technologically advanced remote control system, capable of guaranteeing a supervision activity in real time that ensures the users an impeccable quality and continuity of service.

The development of remote control systems for aqueducts is our flagship. We design and implement technological solutions to support water service managers to remotely control various systems regardless of their location, to provide live information on the operating status, to standardize the interpretation of data and share them homogeneously with the maintenance team.

Furthermore, our remote control solutions allow access to production reports and historical information that greatly facilitate the process of optimization and management of the plants. Budgets, trends and comparisons are evergreen resources!
Company production processes cannot be left to their fate. They need to be tracked.

From the procurement of raw materials to production, from consumption to disposal: each phase of the production process has absolute relevance because it is part of a gear on which it is always necessary to have a clear summary overview.

Only by having complete supervision of each step is it possible to optimize the production efficiency of the process and eliminate waste.

Furthermore, knowing at any time the exact position of an object along the production process allows you to check the outcome of each event to which it is progressively subjected, and to intervene in a targeted manner to verify the causes of a possible negative result and resolve it.

Our software solutions are dedicated to the traceability of every single component of the industrial cycle. Their implementation is synonymous with efficiency, savings and safety.
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