Research & Development division has the purpose of identifying and developing new technological solutions that can make the company’s technical background highly competitive.

We recognize the crucial importance of innovation and progress as a stimulus to build a corporate culture that is always oriented towards the future. For this reason, we dedicate an important part of the company’s revenue to the research team.

The design method of avant-garde solutions, pursued by the professionals included in the R&D division, is the result of an ideal combination of the ability to imagine and latest technological trends in-depth study.

For developing new methodologies and tools we need original ideas. To this end, we are always at the forefront of research and training of talents with innovative points of view. To overcome the barriers of technological evolution it is necessary to go beyond pre-established concepts and think without any limits.

For building the technological future that awaits us, we are daily committed to:

Our research activity is focused on Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is a concept strongly related to industrial automation of which we are industry leader. The so-called “fourth industrial revolution” presupposes the development of the smart factory, an intelligent factory where, thanks to a mix of automation, information, connection and programming, it is possible to reach an unprecedented level of quality and production speed.

The absolute protagonists of this new business paradigm are the enabling technologies: from self-learning robots to advanced sensors, from the use of 3D printers to cutting-edge programming that allows the implementation of augmented reality applications.

In industry 4.0 these solutions are constantly interconnected, with consequent achievement of high self-diagnostic capabilities and self-resolution of any problems in the industrial process.

Our team is continuously engaged in carrying out research projects that aim to develop new products and services. The ultimate goal is to enrich the smart production. The projects that see us as protagonists have a dual nature: financed and prototype.
To achieve excellence in the world of technology and industry 4.0 we have active collaborations with universities, schools and research institutions.

The connection with the academic and research world allows us to add to the skills of our staff those of first level academics and experts. From this combination follows the development of original solutions that represent the real step forward in digital innovation for industrial automated production, process control and ICT services.

The initiatives implemented are many, and they see us involved in collaborations with universities and research realities of a territorial, national and international nature. Everywhere in the world there is the possibility of establishing contacts and mutual exchange relationships with excellence in technological research. Sautech Group is present.

Activating collaborative relationships with schools and universities means above all investing in the ability to imagine new solutions that is typical of the new generations. We are convinced that the future of technological development depends on the value of the ideas of young talents and we are ready to believe and invest in them!
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